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Terms of Service

I agree not to use RBS hosting account for any illegal activity, including child pornography, sharing of pirated software or sharing of copyrighted audio/video files. I agree anything I upload or store, share that I own the rights to, have legally licensed, and pay any royalties owed for any music I share, store, or play, and I offer RBS, its owners a perpetual royalty-free license to store any music files I place on their servers.

I agree to stay within any defined limits for bandwidth, filespace and any other prescribed limitations that come with my account if RBS.

I agree to give a 30 day notice to end services and pay for services through every calendar month in full, even if I pull my site early, or remove the email services, I agree to pay through each calendar month, without exception. For example: If I quit mid month, or between billings periods, I agree to pay the entire billing period for the current month and understand that by giving a 30 day notice, it will begin on the day I share my intentions to quit services. I understand my site could be canceled as early as the day I share my intent to quit, but can extend up to 30 days, and the actual termination can be on that day or any day within the 30 days, without any further notice to me, and without damage to me or loss of business, I agree to have pulled and saved all the information I want, files and info that is mine only, not RBS's code, designs, photos, services before I send notice of cancellation, and acknowledge I would not send a quit notice if I had not already backed up any files, music, client data etc., without first saving what I needed. I hold RBS harmless if they do delete the account upon my demand to quit.

For example: If I decide to cancel on June 2, I know I must give at least a 30 day notice, I know I need to back up anything I have stored at RBS, and then I serve my notice to RBS. They receive the notice, and this tells their support team they may cancel the site and all related services over the next 30 days, as time allows. This means my service will end on anytime between June 2 and June 30 at 23:59:59, and I will not be obligated to pay for July 1 or beyond. If I cancel June 30th, my services will end June 30th, and I will not be obligated to pay beyond the June 30th at 23:59:59. I also agree that when my services terminate so does any use of my services on the RBS. I You agree to pay hosting charge for any days used up to the time of cancellation. Since we bill in the arrears, meaning you have already used the services up until your cancellation, you agree to pay the full amount due for the month you end your service. I agree to pay, promptly upon receipt of your invoice. I understand I have full access to the RBS Agent Support toll free number, and tech support for our clients and understand it may be at least 24 hours and up to 72 hours before I hear back. You agree the interface, design, images, coding and Website services are not yours to take to another host should you leave. You may copy and paste your text and mailing lists out of our servers, but you understand you are not able to take these with to a new host.

I further understand that RBS has the right to refuse anyone service for any reason.

If I cancel my hosting service, I understand anything I have entered onto the RBS servers, including: files, content I have written, my images, my music I have created or have secured the rights to use, and hold the license for, pay any royalties to, or own the copyrights of, and hold RBS harmless in any copyright suit, any royalty agreement is between me and the creator of the music, and I indemnify and defend, and hold harmless RBS, its owners, and successors in any case brought against me. I understand that RBS retains the right, without damage to me to remove any files or music, photos, that another party has made claims of copyright infringement, with or without notice to me, for anything I place on their servers. I acknowledge the information, files, site info I've added to RBS servers is a copy of my information, or if typed directly into their server for storage has been copied and stored by me, along with a list of whatever data I entered into RBS databases. I understand it's my responsibility to keep and maintain back ups of my site content, images, shows, mailing lists etc. and do not hold RBS responsible for keeping these backups for me. I understand that all email services, designs, images owned by RBS, headers, databases, the dynamic ASP.Net code, including mailing list signup code and contact form code, is the sole property of RBS and will not be given to me if I cancel and it's my responsibility to take what information I have store on the RBS servers before I cancel, that RBS is not responsible for giving me a copy of any of my data, files, images, emails, code, etc. that I've placed with them.

Failure To Pay

I understand if I fail to make my hosting payment, RBS may or may not send an email reminder to email address on file that I have used to pay for my service, that they may suspend or terminate my account at anytime, with no further notice, and RBS will not be responsible for any loss or damage to me, my business in any way or form. I agree to keep my billing email updated with them so they may bill me for my services, and understand if I don't update them with current phone, email, or contact information they won't be able to bill me and can cancel my services for failing to provide contact info to bill me, I agree to pay for my services each month, and I will contact RBS if I don't receive a bill, I agree that if I don't pay for the services that they have the right to terminate my services without any loss or damage to me or my business. I agree that if I have a billing issue, a technical support issue, or account question(s) the procedure to contact RBS is by calling first, their toll free number, after this I may send an email to: I understand it may be 24-72 hours before I receive a reply, and if I don't get a reply to recontact them as their may be an issue with them trying to reach me. If I request a cancellation RBS retains the right to delete my site and any and all media, files and data that go along with it..